Question: How bad is stripping your hair?

Asked by Jessiemouse 3 years ago

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I recently dyed pure copper twice onto my already dyed red hair. I've just started a new job (unexpected) and now have to change to to a neutral colour - I'm thinking a strawberry blonde, but have no idea how to do this. I'm going to get it done professionally, but want to know my options - I fear it may have to be stripped.

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BrendaLee 3 years ago

SInce your copper red tone is still darker than strawberry blonde, yes the color will need to be lightened. Possibly a light coppery brown would be a milder choice? Either way, when you see a colorist they will use their eyes and hands to make the best suggestions for you. I am certain they will also recommend a treatment such as Purify restructure drom Kaaral for your hair as well. Good luck on your haircolor journey and your new job!
Brenda Lee
salon owner


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MatthewDavid 3 years ago

Hi Jessie,
My advice would be that you would need to have your hair cleansed and then lifted up to a strawberry blonde. You may not get desired result first time.

I would also recommend you use an intensive treatment afterwards as it will dry your hair out.

If you would like to book in for a complimentary consultion at the salon please contact our reception team on 020 7112 2205.

Good Luck
The Team at MatthewDavid Bespoke Hairdressing
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NickMeinzer 3 years ago

If you're only going a couple shades lighter since you're doing the same tone they can use a different type of stripper that is more gentle like the one from Schwartzkopf- it just shrinks the color molecules rather than blast the cuticle open and will be much less harsh on your hair (it's a bit of a long stinky process). In the meantime, you can shampoo with dishsoap to speed up the fading process if you just dyed it. Anything you do to your hair again is certainly going to affect the integrity, so make sure you really need to strip it or just do the dishsoap or find a stylist who uses Schwartzkopf or Goldwell's but not Uncolor or bleach, which will blast your cuticle open and make it more porous, tangly, color fadage.

Sources: me: stylist of 20 years

Debbieb21 3 years ago

Hi It's possible a colour eraser can be used but you need to prepared to devote a day to this as it sometimes needs to be done several times to get the result you like, this is less damaging than stripping the colour out. A good salon would offer you a free consultation and explain what they can offer and estimate how much this will cost you, we charge an hourly rate for this.
Depending on the length of your hair there may be other options.


MissToi 3 years ago

Don't use bleach to remove haircolor. It is best to seek a professional, there are other color remover sysytems that are less harsh to the hair. I like to use Pravana.

Fionaspratley 3 years ago

Hi there.
You probably won't need to have your hair stripped. I only ever do this if the hair is blck or the person wanting it done doesnt want to lighten their hair gradually. You culd go for a set of highlights with a colour inbetween to kill the copper. Or just go for an all over dark. It depends what you would like to achieve. Like brendalee said, speak to the colourist, give them as much info as possible so they know what you would like your end result to be!
Good luck
Fiona x

solosalon 3 years ago

hello . i really do not think you need to strip your colour out , i would recommend that you have loads of hi lites , @ solo we use color graphics using a green pure pigment which reduces the redness or any oranges in the hair leaving the hair in good condition and gets you to your strawberry blonde. The team at Solo Hair & Beauty wishes you all the best in your new job and we do hope you find this helpfull. Love from the Team.

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