Question: if I have a full body massage would I normaly have to remove my underpants .

Asked by oldman 5 years ago

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It bothers me in case I become eret and the therapist see it and stops the massage

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the-chattanoogan-spa 5 years ago

You don't ever have to remove clothing. Obviously removing your shirt is beneficial for back work ;) Male friends that express this concern to me I usually encourage to either leave their underwear on or request back work only so that you remain facing down the entire massage. Sometimes you can get stuffy doing that though so if you want the full body than keeping your underwear on would certainly probably help. Most therapists I know view this to be a common reaction and usually just are a lot more cautious during the massage. We usually don't have a problem until a person starts acting on that reaction or saying or asking inappropriate things. No groaning, shifting, or grabbing (yourself or the therapist) is okay!! Sometimes you can't help a normal reaction like that it's just how you handle it that really matters.

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Candi 5 years ago

In all honesty, it is much easier to do a full body massage sans clothing, but it is not an invonvenience, nor does it lessen the experience if you keep undergarments on. In the time I've been doing massage, I've had men get an eretion both clothed and unclothed, it happens. You are relaxed and at ease and things just happen. I've never had to stop amassage due to this issue. As long as you don't make any crude remarks or act inappropriately I don't see why any therapist would get offended or stop the massage. I've asked my husband explicitly about erections during massage, he explained that it is NOT a sexual response, it is simply a matter of total relaxation and your body reacting in different ways.So if it happens, don't worry too much about it.Therapists are trained to deal with issues like this. Ultimatelyy,my advice to you is to do what makes you comfortable. Keep 'em onn, take 'em off, either way. : )

pause4massage 5 years ago

It is your comfort level. Appropriate draping will be in place so usually it is not a problem. If you feel more comfortable with them on then leave them on.

JonLudeke 5 years ago

No. Not if you are uncomfortable. The therapist's job is to make you as a client feel as comfortable as possible, and that means you remove whatever clothing you feel comfortable. If you have issues in your glutes (butt), then it may be more efficiant to remove the underway so nothing is in the way, but the therapist can always work on top uf the underpants. -Jon Ludeke

erivera68 5 years ago

You have to talk to your therapist on that one.It all depends of how comfortable you both feel about it.But generally therapeutic massage does not give you an erection, unless you are looking for one!

yogicris 5 years ago

I offer full body massage, and there is always a choice, having underpants on, is not a problem if you dont mind oils getting on them...In my experience,after 2 or 3 treatments this issue doesnt arise, as the bond between therapist and client is strengthened..If it gives you peace of mind, keepem on..

lmtlisa 5 years ago

I give all my clients the option of leaving them on or taking them off. My teacher in school made it a point to tell us that massage can sometimes cause erections because of the increased blood flow, but in the five years I've been practicing this has only happened once or twice. As long as you act respectful and professional toward your therapist, it shouldn't be a big deal.

MaryDornerStephens 5 years ago

I second the therapist remarks from the Chattanooga Spa. She is right on. I have practiced therapeutic massage now for twenty years and I instructed therapeutic massage for seven years. During that time, there were only two men who had erections. I personally am perfectly comfortable with erections during the relaxation process. Both times I just sat down near the table and chatted with the client as we both waited for the erection to pass. As for the wearing of underwear or not, an erection can happen both ways. So why not take the risk that you will fully enjoy a naked massage!
Listen, the whole idea of receiving a massage is to fully do exactly what makes you feel comfortable at any one time. I always encourage my clients to do this. There are a couple of clients who wear them sometimes and other times not. I just let them decide and never make a fuss. We are all trained to take care of you regardless of how you are dressed.
When I am doing what I call my "deep and profound stress reduction massage", I do require my client to remain TOTALLY CLOTHED! If they choose this massage, then they know to leave their clothes on. I have found that people actually relax more deeply when fully clothed. I have always imagined that the psyche tells the body it is safe due to the fact that there is an obvious boundary.
haha Can you tell I am a long time and long winded teacher??? I just hope I have helped. Thanks for asking us!

EBurrows 5 years ago

When you get a full body massage you undress to YOUR level of comfortability. It is often unecessary to remove your underwear unless you are wanting to get your glutes worked on, then it would be more convenient for the therapist but is still up to you. As far as worrying about the erection, I wouldn't. An educated and professional massage therapist won't be phased by this. We understand the effects of massage and realize that you have no control over it.

reSource-therapy 5 years ago

The truth is therapeutic massage can give you a partial erection because an erection is, in this case, only a symptom of relaxation. Your personal demeanor is more important. If you attempt to "come onto" the therapist, if you crack sexual jokes, or are improper in any way, then it might be likely that the therapist would/could take offense. However, it is appropriate to mention your fears about this to the therapist. Assuming that you were speaking to a professional, the therapist should be supportive and understanding.

Oakynleaf 5 years ago

Clothing is always the choice of the client. Massage Therapists have no business suggesting that you remove any article of clothing. I am often asked and the answer is always "Never remove any clothing that would leave you feeling uncomfortable." Now, about your intimate question.

I've been doing massage work for five years and have yet to run into any clients who have gotten erect. Yes, I am male, however I also have gay clients. A professional Massage Therapist understands the nature of the voluntary and involuntary nervous systems. Therefore we stay away from the upper inner thigh, etc.. Anyone who has ever worked in this area, as I said above, understands the involuntary nervous system could stimulate sexual response.

My opinion: any male who develops erection during massage is:

1. Receiving massage in areas that will stimulate this response, and the MT should know better.
2. They are very young from puberty to 25 maybe.
3. They are willing this erection to happen to elicit an action from the MT.

What would I do if a client developed an erection? I would inform them that my efforts to help them relax is not working and that they should schedule with someone else. I think the wrong thing to do is to tell the client, "Oh, this doesn't bother me because it's a natural response." Wrong. The MT is educated and trained to stay away from sexually sensitive areas, and we should not be tolerating manipulation by a client who wants this behavior to be acceptable.

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KristieMaloney 5 years ago

Not only is it entirely up to you, but so is the modality you choose: there are several types of massage that are perfectly suited (and some even performed more thoroughly, such as by incorporating stretching techniques) with a fully clothed client. E.g., Shiatsu, acupressure, sports massage, etc., can all be performed with regular clothing on, and don't require lotions or oils (which is also preferred by many people.) Talk to your therapist about what style of massage may be best for you, or find a practitioner who can practice these other modalities!

scole 5 years ago

that is up to you. usually if you want glut work, I recommend you remove them but it can be done with them on as well, just not as thorough. Even with them off though, you are not all exposed. I undrape one side at a time.

Kristin1986 5 years ago

It is completely the clients choice. If you remove your underwear it just means the therapist is able to work fully on your glutes. If you decide to leave them on its fine the therapist will just adjust their routine. A good therapist wouldn't stop a massage just because a male client becomes erect. It doesn't mean anything sexual it is just a natural reaction sometimes. Unless there is a reason for the therapist to stop the massage because somethine inappropriate happens they will normally just ignore it.

healer98 5 years ago

You undress to comfort level. And if you do become erect the therapist is aware, should be, that this is a NORMAL reaction for some clients.

massagesforladies 5 years ago

You dont need to take off you under pant. for qulified therapists in your area, visit oue website


Aromasynergy 5 years ago

All of my male clients leave their underpants on throughout their treatments. I believe in Protecting Your Dignity. Thank you

Greet 5 years ago

I don't ask my clients to remove underpants, its not necessary for a full body massage, I do offer disposable underwear that keeps the clients underwear free from getting 'oiled up'. You can't stop you stomach rumbling when having a massage, simillarly an erection is normal function, most therapists will ignore them.

OnesimpleTouch 5 years ago

Absolutely NOT. A client may undress down to their comfort level.

ScotNCM 5 years ago

As some of the therapists have stated earlier, It is up to you and your comfort level. It is not necessary to become fully undressed. If you talk to your therapist, they should ease you're concerns. The only time it becomes a problem is when working on hips and lower legs. Although your undergarments can stay on. Being a male therapist I usually have clients leave their underwear on, Its not going to change the treatment or therapy.

Yourpartnerinhealth 5 years ago

Dear Mr. Oldman,
No, you dont have to remove any clothing that would make you uncomfortable. Your massage time is completely for your benefit. I would also like to assure you that after a few professional massage's that this fear will subside. A professional massage does not promote sexual response in a client. If you have never had a relaxing or therapuetic massage- you are missing out on "preventative maintanence"... as i call it! I dont know how "OLD" you are, but dont let your fear keep you from taking care of yourself, and benefiting your future health!! Also, when looking for a therapist, look for Certified, Licensed and Insured, this will prevent you from getting the WRONG kind of massage.. Good luck, all of your responses have very valid points, I hope this helps you also.

EmeryMassageandBodywork 5 years ago

No, you never have a reason to remover underpants or underwear.

Idealftness 5 years ago

Hi - the therapist should allow you to keep your underpants on if you want to. A good therapist would empathise to you professionally and keep your dignity hidden either with towels or by allowing you to keep you underpants on or both.

kgline 5 years ago

Most Therapists know that getting an erction is normal during a massage. If you give the therapist reason to think that your wanting more than a massage they may stop. My wife is a nurse and giving a sponge bath sometimes causes the male to have an erection.

Healinghandshealingheart 5 years ago

No, you don't have to remove your underpants. I always ask my clients to leave them on if they feel more comfortable doing so, or I will offer disposable spa underwear. You are never fully exposed and it is understandable that people will respond differently to massage. There are no judgments when receiving a therapeutic massage. When you are on the table it is your time to relax and let the stress of the world melt away.

Sources: My experiences

candace-LMT 5 years ago

honestly you dont have to remove anything that makes you unconfortable, Now, Normaly most clients do and some dont, Now a massage therapist should not leave the massage unless there is inapropriate behavior with either the therapist or the client, when clients are recieving a massage, the therapist always should confirm to the fact that its a professional enviroment and if you become eret then the only way a therapist has to leave is if you touch your self or them,after being warned, you cant always help how your body will react to certain things you just have to know when to stay professional in a massage and just relax ...

brittvp 5 years ago

I tell my client's only to undress to where they are comfortable. Now, if your wanting gluteal work done, you might want to remove underwear to make the area more accessible.

Sources: Brittany Valdes-Pages

MassagebySarah 5 years ago

I am a new massage therapist grad and we were trained to make a point to tell the client to leave underpants on. We were also trained in draping techniques to hide an erection should it occur as a natural response to massage. There is increased blood flow throughout the body and an erection is a natural response in some men. As long as it is not acted upon by the client there is no reason to end the massage session. We were also trained that if we do notice an erection to just move away from the area where the massage was being performed.

Massage Therapy is meant to be a comfrtable relaxing experience. As practitioners we want you to be as comfortable as possible. If you would like to end the session that is your choice and we would honor that choice. If you are new to massage therapy you may want to schedule your first session for 30 minutes on back and upper body to begin getting used to the experience before scheduling a full body massage. I hope this helps.

BigSteve 4 years ago

When I first started having massages I was bothered about getting an erection and I did get them. The therapist was good and told me it was OK that was 5 or 6 years a go now and I am still getting the odd one now and then. I take every thing off it is a lot better massage this way my therapist just puts a small towel over my lap when I get on the bed. I have a full body massage and she massages every thing but not the genitals

JLWmassage 5 years ago

I personal perfere if clients get completly undressed. For most men that is never an isssue. Theraputic massage usuallt doesnot make men erect

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