Question: What are good questions to ask when performing a skin analysis during a facial?

Asked by makeupartistpro1 5 years ago

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Also sometimes I draw blank when I am performing a client consultation, got any tips? My spa is an Aveda Concept Spa and Salon

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Tklanman 5 years ago

ask main concerns with their skin that day, how is their skin feeling? Any trouble spots or issues that need to be addressed. What are their skin care goals? Long term, short term. What do they use at home for skin care? Sun exposure? are they using a sunscreen? If so, what SPF? Water intake, do they drink alot of caffeinated drinks? Are they feeling stressed? What is their comfort level, are they anxious, relaxed.
Hope this helps....Let me know if you need more :)

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makeupartistpro1 5 years ago

very helpful i ask most of these questions but sometimes i leave out a few

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Vickie 5 years ago

1) ask what their current skincare regimen is
2) are they on any medications
3) what are they wanting to accomplish with the facial
4) are they exfoliating on a regular basis

Mucheichi 5 years ago

The very first question I ask of the client is what her typical cleansing is, what "special" treatments/home facials does she do, what products does she use, does she tan or stay out of the sun, AND what would SHE like to achieve? I am best prepared when I know what the client does or doesn't do, and is also an indicator of how well she may or may not follow a regimen I may set up for her.

Sources: Professional experience.

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Lara-G 5 years ago

when i start a consultation i ask if they have any certain skin concerns or issues presently..once those are identified if any, ask what products and/or treatments they are currently using, and asses in your mind if they doing the correct things or making issues worse (save telling them your advice till the end).

makeupartistpro1 5 years ago

i just seem to want to point out nice things in their skin as well

makingfacesbyjayne 5 years ago

Hello Makeup Pro! I feel it's most important to find out what type of skin a client has and what concerns them most about their skin. I usually begin by asking them to tell me about their skin, what they would like to improve about their complication, and what look would they like to achieve. I can then recommend how they can better care for their skin and what products to use. Always ask them what products they are currently using, how much time they spend on their skincare and makeup regime, and what type of lifestyle they lead. For example, are they a career woman, homemaker, do they travel a lot, etc. This can also help you determine the best treatments and products for them to use.

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