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Question: I am 30 years old, should I be getting started on Botox or fillers at my age?

Asked by LeahHelthallSpa 4 years ago

12 answers

I am an Esthetician and always concerned about the condition and appearance of my skin. I would like to know if there are any benefits to starting on Botox and Restylane at my age?

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carolyn25 4 years ago

The simplest answer to your question is 'Yes, these treatments may have some benefit'. However, the answer is not as simple as that.
'Botox' is a treatment that will reduce the contractability of the muscle it is injected into. This reduces the ACTIVE lines you form when moviing those muscles. It can also allow the more permament STATIC lines on as the skin is able to relax a bit, because it is no longer being creased as much. The effects may take up to 14 days to have an effect and last for about 14 weeks.
Fillers have a different use. They are used to plump out areas, e,g, defining the lip outline, reducing the depth of the nasolabial folds. These are effective straight away and the effects of the temporary fillers can last for up to 12 months depending on the 'strength' of filler used.
There are both TEMPORARY and PERMANENT fillers available. I, personally, use only the temporary HA (hyaluronic acid) fillers. This is because a person's taste can change over time, but more that a person's face will change over time. By using the temporary fillers this progressive change will occur as naturally as possible - and hopefully will be in balance with the rest of the face and body. This may not be the case with the permanent fillers.
If you are considering one of these treatments, it is important to consult with a medical practitioner who has had training in these treatments. They should: discuss the treatments with you fully - including the possible complications; assess your skin and discuss what would be appropriate for you; take a full medical history to ensure that these treatments are safe for you; and should not perform the treatments on you if they feel it is inappropriate or if you would be at risk. They should take photographs both before and after treatment.
The practitioner carrying out the treatment, should be the one who has carried out the above consultation. There should then be an agreed follow-up protocol.
If you are unhappy at all about what is being proposed, then do not agree to have it done. I do not do a 'Botox' or filler treatment at a patient;s first consultation. We book a treatment date, if appropriate, and then I ask them to think about it to ensure that they are happy with the treatment.
I hope this helps.

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Anita-Hazari 4 years ago

Hi Leah,

I am Miss Anita Hazari from McIndoe Surgical in East Grinstead.

30yrs old is at a borderline age for starting Botox. It does depend on an individual's appearances. Some young women have an earlier appearance of frown lines on the forehead and glabella and could benefit from Botox so as to prevent a 'frowning' expression in the resting/ static phase of facial expressions.


Sources: http://www.mcindoesurgical.co.uk

InstyleIdaho 4 years ago

Botox used wisely can be a great preventative in the fight against aging. Since Botox basically puts the facial muscle it is injected into in a state of suspended animation. Helping prevent further breakdown of the tissue which creates wrinkles. You look younger and thus hopefully feel younger. So a little Botox between the eyes or along the corner of the eyes for someone who is in their 30's is a good place to start. As far as fillers go I prefer Juvederm over Restylane. As juvederm is much smoother than Restylane which has a crystalline feel to it under the skin. Juvederm is Hyaluronic acid which we produce in our bodies, so is re adsorbed very evenly over time and now it has a numbing agent right in it . But unless you have deep lines around the mouth or deep naso labial folds there is no reason to use it.

tink10 4 years ago

'Botox' prevention is better than cure good a reason as any, I believe that's a good age to begin, 'fillers' without seeing your lines on your face it's hard to say, I doubt in your 30's youde be in need of them yet.

JennyONeill 4 years ago

Hello, From about the age of 25 the skin starts to lose elasticity and the collagen is not replaced so quickly. It does depend from person to person but at about 30 is our peak age when we see clients. Botox is a very good preventative treatment as it relaxes the muscles and the surrounding skin where it is injected so your facial expressions are not 'chewing' up the collagen so quickly. It willactually help stop lines forming.
With fillers, I prefer to use Juvederm Ultra rather that Restylane because it conatins local anaesthetic - no pain!, no particles so it doesn't lump or clump like Restylane can and lasts longer too. There is a website http://www.juvederm ultra.co.uk which is very good. The other thing that you should be doing is using a good skin care range, something like Dermalogica, exfoliating twice a week and always wear a factor 30 sunscreen.
Hope this helps. Feel free to email me on jenny@suffolkmedicalclinic.co.uk if I can do anything else.

Sources: http://www.suffolkmedicalclinic.co.uk

traceybell 4 years ago

Hi Leah, Thanks for your question! It's more and more common these days for people of your age and younger to become interested in having Botox and Filler treatments, and there is nothing wrong with this! Visit your Aesthetic Practitioner for a thorough assessment of your area of concern. As Botox is prescribed it will only be administered if the practitioner decides you would benefit from the treatment. As for filler treatments, a natural result is always best and a little improvement can do wonders for your confidence at any age! Take a look at our YouTube link (below) to see our treatments at work!

Sources: http://www.youtube.com/traceybellchannel

DianeNivern 4 years ago

Prevention is always better than cure!

As an aesthetician I would strongly advise you to maintain an excellent skincare regime using cosmeceutical standard skincare such as Skinceuticals, Skinmedica or Image skincare products. They have ingredients which penetrate the skin and work on a cellular level. They produce results that cosmetic brands just cant achieve.

A great regime like this plus staying out of the sun, not smoking, good diet etc etc and treating your skin to treatments you'd provide for your clients will maintain a beautiful, radiant complexion. Dermaroller skin needling to induce collagen production to keep skin firm is an excellent method of preventing or slowing down the ageing process.

With regards to fillers you shouldn't need to use them as a preventative measure - although a little in the lip line (Vermillion borders) helps to give a subtle, youthful look - rather than a full blown pout.

Also remember that too much Botox or fillers with an obviously done or worked on look can put off a lot of your clients as they may not want to look too done themselves - if you start too young you will also need more Botox as you age to maintain the "freeze" as your body can produce antibodies to the product which will stop it working or reduce its effectiveness.
You can also distort your natural appearance over time and forget what you used to look like and end up looking over processed.

I am 42 and don't need Botox yet and hopefully I won't need it.

Diane Nivern
Diane Nivern Clinic Ltd
Manchester, UK

DrJakeSloane 4 years ago

Hi Leah, i'm Dr Jake Sloane and offer both treatments.

I'd firstly start by saying that a prospective patients age per se wouldn't guide whether they are suitable or not. Botox is generally used to improve the forehead, frown area and crows feet wrinkles whereas fillers are most commonly used for the 'smile lines' that can form as we age. They are also used to shape and plump the lips. I have used Botox in many women in their late twenties and early thirties who have began to develop fine lines and doing so is an excellent way of preventing instead of curing future wrinkles.

Likewise fillers can be used in your age group for lips and if you did have areas where fillers could be of benefit then can be used safely regardless of age.I would also add that a simple daily skin care regime should always be performed to keep your skin in its optimum condition in the first instance. This should include exfoliation, moisturising and sun protection.

For more committed patients a box set called the 'Obagi Nu-Derm System' is available and caters for your concerns. It is a prescription strength set of lotions used daily to promote new skin growth whilst addressing pigmentation, texture, acne and fine wrinkles. This is only available from trained Obagi doctors including myself. I'd be more than happy to talk to you in more detail if you want about any of the issues you raise. Don't worry, you're not obliged to book for a treatment with me at all! My mobile is 07956129103 or visit http://www.drjakesloane.co.uk for more info.


Sources: http://www.drjakesloane.co.uk

andys 4 years ago

Hi , Try a course of Acupuncture Facials these can help the skin and appearance and are natural the younger you start the better the results.

rosina12 4 years ago

Yes Botox definitely the earlier in life you begin the smoother you skin will look later in life. Early prevention is key expecially with a good skin care regimen. I am 36 and have been doing botox for 3years now and love it!If it is done properly on not overdone you should still have some slight movement in your frontal area.Fillers can be used in other areas botox isn't and I would highly recommend consulting with a Dr. you trust. Ask others for referrals if you like how they look especially if it looks natural and not overdone.

pheby 4 years ago

Hi Leah,
As you are a Esthetician I am sure you are fully aware of the benefitsof maintaining a healthy daily skin care regime, which would always include sunscreen.

With reference to Botox or Restylane as everyone is an indivual these treatments should be performed with that in mind. At Abate Beauty & Spa Sanctuary - MediSpa we would not want to encourage clients under 30 years to start having the treatment of Botox for cosmetic purposes, there are other suitable treatments on the market that could be more beneficial rather than Botox at this age. With reference to Restylane at 30 years of age this treatment MAYBE ok to be started but only after having a thorough consultation and ofcourse realistic expections should always be taken into consideration. At our professinal clinic we perform the treatment so that the results look very natural and ofcourse with the results enhancing rather than looking over treated. At Abate Beauty & Spa Sanctuary we think it is important to offer a FREE consultation so that clients can come along and speak to a specialist without any obligation to having any treatment. Our professional clinic which has been established since 1990 offers the very highest client customer care.

For more information or advise please email contact@abatebeautyclinic.co.uk
tel 01268 763912

Sources: http://www.abatebeautyclinic.co.uk

garyel 4 years ago


My thoughts are yes !

I have both my botox treatment and my dermal Fillers done by a Fully qualified aesthetic nurse in Essex her name is Natasha http://www.natashagray.co.uk . Her re assuring way makes you feel at ease and having used Beauticians ....and suffered ! I only use registered Nurses to administer my treatments.

Also you might want to consider http://www.botox-in-brighton.co.uk as my friend say they are also very professional.

Good luck 30 is the new 20 !

Ill put their websites below check them out girlfriend

Sources: http://www.natashagray.co.uk

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