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Question: what is a HD brow treatment and how does it work

Asked by makeupartistpro1 4 years ago

5 answers

I keep hearing about an HD brow treatment and i want details

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Beauty-by-Design 4 years ago

It is a combination of tinting, waxing and threading. The HD bit is just the "brand"! HTH x

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sbennett021 4 years ago

Hi there

HD Brows is a 7 step treatment including waxing, threading and dying in order to achieve the perfect brows.

this is the official website for the product but if you require any more info please let me know.


there is more info also with links on my site which is


Hope this answers your question.



lomi-lomi 4 years ago

Hi there,

The HD brow treatment incorporates tinting, waxing, tweezing, threading, mineral make-up and eyebrow pencil and is an extensive treatment that lifts and defines the brow area, leaving you professionally groomed with eyebrows tailored to best suit your face.

For a full description of the treatment and process see Wahanda's treatment write up http://www.wahanda.com/treatment/hd-brows/, which also shows some reviews and articles related to HD brows.

Sources: http://www.wahanda.com/treatment/hd-brows/

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lomi-lomi 4 years ago

It's also supposed to be a great solution to over plucked eyebrows.

tink10 4 years ago

HD is a clever brand but generally It's what beauty therapist do to achieve beautiful brows, by treading, waxing, tweezing, tinting, pencil , permanent make up...etc there is also VIBrows.

HAZE7 4 years ago

HD is the perfect way to create your staple look... Enhancement for your Brows - by tinting,threading or waxing them or having Semi-Permanent Makeup! and the same goes for the eyes.


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